Cynthia Wilson Braun

With experience as the lead for accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, marketing, and customer relations, Cindy Wilson Brown has extensive experience in the real estate appraisal and sales process. That experience, along with her knowledge of property research, allows Cindy to help customers with real estate sales as a part of the team at Shanks & Associates.

Prior to her experience in managing real estate related companies, Cindy served as the lead Purchaser/Raw Material Inventory Controller at Matsushita Electronics (Panasonic) Electrolytic Capacitor Division. She has served as an office manager for Automated Valuation technologies, Inc. (AVT), a software developer and educational provider for the real estate valuation industry. Cindy also worked with Braun & Associates, Inc., a real estate appraisal company that offered a definitive suite of services related to a variety of real estate outlet.

A native of East Tennessee, Cindy has lived in Knox County and Blount County her entire life. As the spouse of a real estate appraiser with 25 years of experience, Cindy stays actively involved with the real estate business and when she is not working with her real estate clients, Cindy enjoys spending time with her three grown children, two grandchildren and her two dogs.